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We hadn't realised what we were surrounded by.

Since moving to the area of Kiama Downs permanently this year we've had the time and the want to discover what the surrounding areas had to offer, after all, there are only so many times you can visit the same place. The beautiful but well-trodden tourist spots had been visited by us, again with kids, with Sydney friends and finally with international family. So this blog is about sharing the not-so-known walks and treks that you may not have heard about unless you're a local. My husband is the avid adventurer and I'm more of the reluctant companion so this blog will be from my perspective which will include difficulty level of hikes and what I like to call 'the payoff'. The 'payoff' refers to the final spot we reached and whether is was worth the walk, hike and sweat, in my humble opinion.

Feel free to ask any questions or suggest other spots you'd like to share. Perhaps you've heard about a walk and would like us to test it out for you.


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